Saturday, September 21, 2019

Dry fly for Wild Rainbow Trout Vancouver area

 Dry fly for Wild Rainbow Trout Vancouver area

Hard to believe what a day we had the scenery was something out of this world the fishing was incredible I caught this wild Beauty on the dry fly 2 wt fly rod ! it was incredible I cannot believe my eyes when I Collett such a beautiful big fish it was nonstop raining but I loved it I love the rain I love the fly fishing and I love the chance to go fishing thank you thank you thank you to all ❤

The weather was wet the #flyfishing was awesome in the beautiful valley and the mountains calling in the rains it was surreal and very pleasant at the same time the white #trout where jumping and laughing in the waters of the spectacular #river we had fun #ties the evening was oh so grand the rains came down hard it was so joyful and peaceful listening to the hoots of an owl deer afoot in the valleys all for the love of Mother #Nature ♥️♥️
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