Friday, November 9, 2018

British Columbia is a true paradise

British Columbia is a true paradise

A two day excursion up to country proved to be quite the #adventureI caught #coho #salmon it was a beauty and watching it Swim back into the water was more beautiful

 I spent I whole day fishing in this paradise even in the colder weather it's fascinating to see the rolling fog the chugging of the rivers the fallen leaves we where in awe of mother #nature's nurturing #earth , I gathered a lot of firewood as we knew the night was going to be cold and long made an hardy supper by the #campfire the night was eerie and still not a sound just a quite peace Made breakfast then of to more adventures picking wild apples where new bear poop was spotted near the apple tree which was full of apples , 

while crossing a bridge we spotted a big male deer running proudly down the bridge he looked kinda lost most likely running from hunters hopefully made it home safe into the chilly fog 

, what an amazing wonderful trip when hearing back home we came across a family of bighorn sheep as they where crossing from ridge to ridge where how lucky we where to see them just as they where coming across the hi way from a steep mountain side I don't know how they do it but it's one of Mother Nature's wonders #BritishColumbia is a true #paradise

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