Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Iran Intercepts Chinese Fishing Boats for Investigation

Iran Intercepts Chinese Fishing Boats for Investigation

10 Chinese fishing boats, bound for Iran’s southern port of Bandar Abbas to receive permission for catching lanternfish, were seized for investigation after they got too close to Iran’s southwestern coasts, officials said.

Deputy chairman of Iran Fisheries Organization, Ali Asghar Mojahedi, told Tasnim on Saturday that the Chinese vessels were all fishing boats that had entered the country’s waters in coordination with Iran.
The Chinese boats, bound for Bandar Abbas, were confiscated after approaching the coasts of the southwestern port of Chabahar to replenish their food supplies, he added.
The vessels have not been involved in any illegal fishing activity, and were just intercepted by the “Maritime Security Committee” for more investigation, the official explained.
According to Iran Fisheries Organization, none of the foreigners are given permission for fishing in the country’s territorial waters, unless they operate under the franchise of the Iranian companies.
So far, 6 Chinese vessels have been given the permission to catch lanternfish as part of a long-term plan to increase the capacity of catching the short-lived fish, Mokhtar Akhoundi, an official at Iran Fisheries Organization told Tasnim.

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