Friday, July 27, 2018

Fly Fishing BC for Brook Trout & bull trout & rainbow trout

Fly Fishing BC for Brook Trout & bull trout & rainbow trout

I'm in shock ... the nerve...the audacity... ok! I will never get sick of catching these.. First ever bully !!!

At six am I’m the water with my boat 🚣‍♀️ it’s so peaceful the Elk where where screaming like crazy off in the mountains black bears where crossing the campgrounds the deer where a many enjoying there quite time it was like heaven it was so relaxing I felt so happy @catlaflamme I saw your mom and dad they asked me where I bought the boat I told them @myflyshop on broadway @catlaflamme your dad is a great fly fisherman I was privileged to chat with him what a great family !
very knowledgeable about there products I love adventures like this
I wish I could live there year round it makes life easier first I caught two amazing rainbow trout after that boom 💥 I caught my first bull trout my hands where shaking with excitement I was so proud and happy and then another Bull trout the next day I caught two brook trout it was an unbelievable fly fishing trip one of my best

Impressive colors on this BC brookie! Love the spots on these little guys...

First ever brookie! These things look amazing but their fight is nothing like bull or rainbow! Was still cool

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