Monday, June 11, 2018

My Fly fishing history

My Fly fishing history

I would like to talk about my fly fishing history I’ve been wanting to tell my story for a long time now that my English is good , when I started fly fishing in Iran I lived in the city of Shiraz we never had any fly fishing stores in my city , I seen on tv fly fishing I did much research mainly focused on British and Canada , ten years ago someone gave me some fly fishing reels I made a fly fishing rod from a regular fishing rod , I made flys with anything I found lying around it was fun , I used the bag from the chips and made the flash to make it shine   I also used women’s hair from the salon to have different colours I was happy , this happened ten years ago this is still happening in Shiraz till this day , with my newly made fishing  flys I caught many large fish such as rainbow trout
 After six years of fly fishing in Iran I tried to move to Canada with one back pack and a fly box and my fly fishing rod it took me two years to arrive in Canada  Looking back I always in awe  of April Vokey  She was my fishing hero someone to look up to and watch , it’s hard to believe I’m in British Columbia when I seen my first fly shop I started crying I was so so happy I could not believe what I seen , I’m not a professional fly fisherman but I was it so much it’s my life  it took a long time to get here as I was a refugee on the way I tattooed my arm fly fishing name and I’m so proud to be part of all the fly fisherman, when I arrived in Canada I only had five dollars to my name , I started working hard and built up my fly fishing equipment , my other dream was to get a Siberian Husky I adopted Skipper from Iran he goes where ever I go Dreams do come true thank you every one so much

Ebi fisher

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