Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Skagit River BC fly Fishing

Skagit River BC  fly Fishing

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Skagit Valley

Satisfaction and Success. Commentary on Troutbitten.

You simply cannot rely on the trout to define your success. Focus on the skill of fishing rather than any trout on the line, and control your own enjoyment.

For most of us, feeling satisfied with a fishing trip comes from a bit of success. And we measure that success in big trout landed or high numbers to the net. But are those stats really our best gauge? Probably not. Instead, I suggest finding satisfaction in fishing well, knowing that you improved your technique and you took steps toward being a better angler. Then, on the best days, in the process of refining your skills, trout will come to hand frequently. That’s fishing hard.

Full article over at Troutbitten.

Enjoy the day.

Early morning I seen a owl which means good luck for the day!